I Love cooking

I Love cooking

Hi everybody!!!
Today I’m gonna show you some of my latest recipes 🙂
First of all I have to say that my ‘baking life’ is really short. I started just few months ago. Before that time I only tried to bake some of my granny’s recipes and only with my mother advices. But some months ago something changed for me.
It started like a joke, a distraction from my everyday life at university, but day by day I came to a point that baking was everything to me.
Some of the photos I’ll post are just recipes I found here and there, with just a few changes to match mine and my family’s tastes, others just came to my mind and I had to try them, even if sometimes (let’s just say maaaaaaaaany times ^^) the finished dish was not properly good to eat (obviously for now I’m not gonna show you my ‘disasters’).
Soooo, here are my tasty, sweety, creamy desserts.
I really, really, hope you’ll like them 🙂

Honey biscuits with black&white icing

Pear, cocoa and cognac crumble

Cottage cheese, candied orange and raisin ‘zuccotto’

Bailey’s and buckwheat cupcakes



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